Engineering & Construction


About Us

Our business focus in project oriented subcontracting for engineering and construction industry in Estonia and abroad. We offer also service for technological equipment assembly, installation and maintenance—mainly for woodworking industry.

Our production workers are highly qualified and have the EURO-certificate. We provide continuous training to guarantee that workers know all the latest technological processes regarding welding and other metal processing technologies.


For engineering industry we offer:

· component production

· equipment assembly

· assembly and installation of electrical and mechanical components

For construction industry we offer:

· production of construction elements from mild and stainless steel

· complicated architectural steel elements

Our technological capabilities include:

             primary steel processing (shotblasting, plasma cutting, MIG/MAG/TIG welding etc)

             turning, milling, drilling etc

             electrostatic painting

By subcontracting we use frequently:

             CNC plasma/waterjet/laser cutting

             CNC turning/milling/bending

             powder coating and hot dip zinc coating